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8 Steps to Buying a House

Buying a house is probably a completely different experience from any other purchase you have made before. The process of securing a loan, looking at houses, negotiating prices and closing the deal all add up to a unique purchasing experience.If you’re buying your first house,it’s likely the most expensive purchase of your life.You’re not only […]

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4 Steps to Attainable Financial Goals

Imagine you’re planning a family vacation, and your spouse wants to drive, while you want to book a flight. If you’re planning a trip to the campground near your house, it would be ridiculous to fly; if you’re planning a trip to Europe, driving is out of the question. Your destination largely influences how you […]

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Four Financial Questions for Engaged Couples

A good marriage relies strongly on good communication. Yet so many couples neglect discussing their finances with each other, either because it’s an emotional subject or because they just don’t know what financial topics they should be talking about. Since money squabbles are at the heart of many divorces, it’s important to sync up your […]

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