Category: Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

Creating a Strategic Giving Plan

Whether it’s dropping spare change in the Salvation Army bucket during the holiday season, responding to a national or international crisis by donating to disaster relief or volunteering at your church, most people have at least some interaction with charity on an annual basis. Donating can come from many sources of motivation such as improving […]

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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

Estate planning might sound like something only your wealthy great-uncle Frank has to worry about. You may wonder how your worldly possessions could possibly qualify as an “estate.” Believe it or not, almost everyone needs to take care of some basic estate planning, especially newlyweds. Most newlyweds don’t want to think of the possibility of […]

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Avoiding Charity Fraud

The thought of someone pocketing a charitable donation unthinkable. However, there are some for-profit organizations or individuals that seek to do just this. Charity fraud does exist, and it’s not always easy to recognize. Many scammers posing as charities use tactics or names that are like real charities, but use donations in an entirely different […]

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